About the Festival

{The Short Story}

The International Innovation Film Festival is a creative program dedicated to highlight and spotlight the many challenges and progressive innovations that redefine how we share and tell stories and eventually, record history. Combining expert presentations about leading-edge technologies and innovations we present alongside thought-provoking, focused films from around the world.

The IIFF is the only festival in Switzerland, that explicitly focuses on new innovations and the challenges facing new innovations and technology.

We are creating a space for both Innovation technologies and Creative people to work, thrive and succeed together.

{The Longer Story}

We are presently in a very interesting time in human history. For one we face ecological challenges, on the other hand, we have amazing technological tools and inventions. This is a marvel for everyone who likes to hear, tell, or invent a good story. Our fireside storytelling has become our movie theater, TV, and/or tablet. Our way of life is intricately linked to technology. Our knowledge and understanding continue to evolve and grow; and so are OUR STORIES.

While driving technologies and innovative breakthroughs are essential to global evolution. Innovation requires an open atmosphere of exchange supported by the industry, community, and government. Eventually, finding solutions to problems facing our society is the source of economic success. We call that innovation.

Using the power of film and expert panel discussions, the International Innovation Film Festival aims to inform, engage, and inspire audiences to create positive impact in the world. We cultivate powerful emotional experiences, stimulate important discussions, build communities, and accelerate positive energy into meaningful action.

About Us

Who we are – At the IIFF, we are a wild bunch of film-aficionados gravitating around the core team: two Physicists, a CEO, and a Filmmaker. The physicist generates motion and energy by bringing in new technology and companies that have new ideas, platforms, or products they want to share. The CEO keeps it real, efficient, and organized and the filmmaker wants to share beautiful stories and connect people together in a human way. We want to celebrate the 7th art that brings the unique social experience only a cinema can offer. We are convinced that human beings learn and grow through stories; whether they are historically correct or a fabricated myth, stories have moved people, ideas, and nations through times of war and through times of peace. We want to inform, engage, and inspire audiences to create a positive impact in the world.


Toni Caradonna

Festival Director

Michèle Rükgauer


Christian Stulz


Roman Eyholzer

Sustainability Manager