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About the Festival

The International Innovation Film Festival is a creative program dedicated to spotlighting the many challenges and progressive innovations that redefine how we share and tell stories and eventually, record history. Combining expert presentations about leading-edge technologies and innovations we present alongside thought-provoking, focused films from around the world.

The IIFF is the only festival in Switzerland, that explicitly focuses on new innovations and the challenges facing new innovations and technology. The IIFF is also currently Bern’s only film festival.

The IIFF is a film festival for the curious who want to explore innovations in a cool setting and get to know other interesting people there

Our Advantages

We are in the capital of Switzerland, a country known for perpetual innovation and enabling and liberal legislation’s when it comes to the adoption of
innovative technology, be it Blockchain, drones, environment, or digital identity

By using the cinematic experience as our platform, the viewers are able to connect to the subject on a variety of different levels. Our objective is to make new innovations and innovative technologies more comprehensible and understandable

Our Achievements

2-Day Student Hackathon with a 3 month education lead time
Local and International Film screenings in 2 Theaters in Bern
10-hour Marathon Blockchain webinar
Presentations, Workshops, and Panel Discussion in person or via Zoom
Student Events
Opening Night Gala Events and Sponsored Networking Apéros

Our Vision

Breakthroughs do not arise in ivory towers, but from a continual exchange of ideas, techniques, experiments, and results, that lead us to new discoveries. 

Collaboration is the life-blood of innovation and by educating people in a relaxed, social, and familiar atmosphere we extend this collaboration to countless more connections.

OUR MISSION is to make innovations and innovative technologies more comprehensible and understandable

Oppening Event at the IIFF 2020, Chasing the Jet Stream

The International Innovation Film Festival uses the power of art and film to engage and inspire a passionate audience


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Artikel in 20 Minuten

Den vollständigen Artikel gibt es hier: http://www.20min.ch/finance/news/story/Digitaler-Schweizer-Franken-31476040 Die vollständige Stellungnahme hier:   

Interview mit dem Festivaldirektor

Anlässlich des Workshops in Zürich gehostet bei SIX zum Thema Blockchain organisiert von Schweizeraktien.net  und gesponsort von BEKB, SIX und KellerhalsCarrard hat der Festivaldirektor Toni Caradonna das Festival und digitale private …