2017 | 95 min | USA

Directed by Noel Dockstader, Quinn Kanaly 

19:00 – IIFF Opening Address

19:15 – Keynote Speaker: Rob Holub

19:30  –  Short Film: “Prairie Wind”  in English

                Main Film : “Point of No Return”  E/e

21:00-21:30 – Followed by panel discussion

Soaring at 28,000 feet without a drop of fuel, nothing is predictable. 

Not the weather, not the technology. And certainly not the fate of a man, alone for five days in a fragile, first-of-its-kind aircraft with nothing but ocean below.

Point of No Return takes you behind the headlines of the first solar-powered flight around the world—where two courageous pilots take turns battling nature, their own crew, and sometimes logic itself, to achieve the impossible. Not just to make history, but to inspire a revolution.

The journey moved many to speak out:

Keynote Speaker

We have gathered the top professionals of the innovation community, to lecture on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

Rob Holub

Keynote Speaker

"Solar Impulse was not built to carry passengers, but to carry a message. It provides a powerful educational platform for schools and universities students. help us develop our student activities and bring Solar Impulse to kids and schools."​

The Filmmakers

Creative partners for over a decade, filmmakers Noel Dockstader and Quinn Kanaly tell thought-provoking, impactful stories about science, history and exploration. When they learned of Solar Impulse’s audacious zero-fuel flight, they knew it had the potential to be one of the most important pioneering adventures of our time—and they felt compelled to capture it.

Over 10 months, Noel and Quinn found themselves on opposite sides of the world, tracking the unfolding drama both on the tarmac and at mission control—connected only by their cell phones and a shared vision for Point of No Return.


“At its core, this film is about the perseverance and courage it takes to make difficult decisions when everything is on the line. When we look at the daunting challenge of the global climate crisis, this story of innovation and collaboration offers hope.”


“There’s no certainty in adventure. Or in filmmaking. We didn’t know if the plane would make it around the world or if we would have a story in the end. It was a moonshot. But we knew we had to try.”