Hackathon Winners

Thank you again for your participation at the hackathon on your free day! We had participants from EPAI Fribourg, Gymburgdorf, Neue Mittelschule Bern Bern, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, Gymnasium Neufeld, Universität Zürich, ERNI, , Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue, Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci. We have a winning group and because we were impressed by the work we have decided to have addiditional 4 excellence awards

IIFF Hackathon Winner: From EPAI Fribourg: LoRaWan

  • Carolina Inácio Pereira – Blockchain constructor
  • Noah Godel – Front-end and user interface (AngluarJS)
  • Valentin Roch – LoRaWAN Communication and Arduino
  • Cyril Buchs – Author of the documentation
  • Frédéric Mauron – Teacher

hackathon excellence awards

  • hardware & blockchain synthesis:  LoRaWan
  • pitchdeck communication: unwaste.earth
  • governement project: DecentralGov
  • healthcare project: TransparentOrgans
by the cryptochicks
happy hacking
present the work
thanks everyone
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