Cinematic Labyrinths - Interactive and Non-Linear Storytelling

Dawid Marcinkowski and Katarzyna Kifert AKA The Kissinger Twins are a film and interactive director duo.

In their works, they mix digital technologies with film, music, literature and social media to create new forms of storytelling.  They are authors of artistic projects such as Sufferosa or Webby Award winning The Trip, but also interactive films and experiences for brands such as Expedia, Honda or Philips. Some of those projects have been awarded and presented at film and new media festivals including SXSW, Vancouver IFF, Reykjavik IFF, onedotzero or Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.


Friday, FEB. 15, 2019 14:30-15:30

Storytelling on Instagram 

Every new visual medium needs time to evolve and create its own language. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has developed over time into something more significant than a platform for sharing images of friends, cappuccinos, and selfies. It has become a narrative tool for a new wave of filmmakers and storytellers, a platform for unique and complex stories that take advantage of the app’s possibilities and limitations.

How can we utilize medium which is both a tool for production and distribution and the largest visual social media platform?

We introduce narrative methods and strategies in a much broader sense than  just using “Instagram Stories”. We teach an innovative and creative approach to Instagram and crafting storytelling projects. Fictitious, documentary, journalist, poetic, surreal, musical…always compelling and interactive.