GET YOUR 3 DAY FESTIVALPASS NOW – rebate if you pay with crypto-stablecoins

we accept the following stable coins and give a rebate on blockchainpayments

  • private digital Swiss Francs dCHF  50% off the Festivalpass
  • Crypto Francs xCHF 10% off the Festivalpass
  • Maker DAO stable Coin DAI 10% off the Festivalpass

send 50dCHF or 90 xCHF or 90 DAI to  0x0000F70bC78af03f14132c68b59153E4788bAb20 and hash your first name and surname or your alias in the message field of the transaction e.g with  

shoot us a message with the name that you hashed or tell it when you get there so we can check it and list you for the free entry.