you can now purchase private digital swiss francs  ->

Private digital Swiss Franc are accepted as payment at the 1. International Innovation Film Festival 2019. You can pay tickets for the movies during the festival in Bern. Private digital Swiss Francs are a verified ERC-20 Ethereum Token on the Ethereum main chain.  The private digital Swiss Franc ist not a governement issued money. It is also NOT A LEGAL TENDER. It is a private digital means of payment. Please read the Terms and Conditions.

There are only 15’000 private digital Swiss Franc, a maximum of 750 private digital Swiss Franc can be purchased per person


  • before march 25th 2018: 115 privat digital Swiss Franc for 100 Swiss Franc
  • before march 31st 2018: 110 privat digital Swiss Franc for 100 Swiss Franc
  • before august 1st  2018: 105 privat digital Swiss Franc for 100 Swiss Franc
  • after august 1st 2018:  100 privat digital Swiss Franc for 100 Swiss Franc

Purchase now private digital swiss francs  ->