Director of Blockchain Media

Covadonga Fernández is a journalist and she has developed her professional trajectory in important communication groups in Spain, such as ABC newspaper or Z group. She thaught Journalism at the Carlos III University of Madrid and was part of Nido Robotics team, a company that develops robots to explore the seas. He had his immersion in blockchain technology in CriptoNoticias, the reference newspaper in Spanish on the crypto world. She is founder of Blockchain Media, the site she created so that journalists, filmmakers, musicians and all artists can be attentive to the new transformation that Blockchain brings. Its objective is that the abuses committed by the internet giants do not repeat themselves. In this context she published the chapter on Media and Blockchain in the book titled Blockchain: la revolución industrial de internet. Covadonga will talk in Spanish as a demonstration that language decentralization, besides being necessary, it is possible. Blockchain is the result from free software and contributions come from anywhere in the world, so it must be open to anyone, regardless of where they come from.