Advocate, LL.M., Owner of Kunz Compliance

Michael Kunz, Advocate, LL.M., is the owner of the law firm Kunz Compliance in Bern. He has been the investigating magistrate for economic crimes and subsequently as a scientific adjunct at the EIDG. He was at the Banking Commission in Bern before he became independent in July 2001 as a legal advisor for E-Finance and compliance. As an author, he regularly publishes in his fields of expertise and also carries out his own training events. He has taught at the University of Zurich, the Fachhochschule Nord-west Switzerland and at the Centro di Studi Bancari in Vezia/TI. During his professional career and further education, Michael Kunz acquired in-depth knowledge in the areas of e-finance (supervisory aspects of e-banking, e-trading and e-money), banking supervisory and financial market law, international commercial law, commercial and financial market criminal law (incl. Bank secrecy and e-fraud), prevention of money laundering (money laundering law, due diligence agreement), compliance, dormant assets, forensic accounting, legal and administrative assistance, extradition law and accounting law. He also publishes individual topics in specialist publications and in the daily press.